Please don't break the rules!
There is no strike or warning system.
We will ban you for breaking rules.

It makes us feel so sad.

This is survival Minecraft for all ages. Please act maturely.


In-game grief is not tolerated.
Destroying, editing, moving, breaking into or modifying another
player's build without their consent or permission is considered grief.

Most servers have implemented some form of land protection. Use it.
Tip: Don't build with players you don't know.
(#minecraft-chat can be used to @ players for building permission.)

Cheating is not allowed.
Unfair advantages are not cool.

We have the power to completely restore a player's actions.
Message a staff member if you feel someone has an unfair advantage in game.

PVP is a neutral zone.
Any players involved in battle must give affirmative consent to engage.
This is to prevent killings, random fights, as well as unnessary drama.

To report someone, please contact a staff member.

Whitelisting is ultimately up to the staff members.
Users can be declined or removed for any reason.

Have questions?
Please voice them in the Discord.