Auto-Whitelist - Allows automatic whitelisting through Discord's bot service.

Anti-xray - Our anti-xray shows a ore facade on top of ore. Cheaters begone!

Anti-Report - Removes the ability to send a player report introduced in 1.19.1.

Anti-Theft - Containers lock on placement.

Dragon Drops Elytra - On death, Ender Dragons drop an elytra.

Falling Trees - Chopping trees with an axe will fall the entire tree.

Fire Spread Tweaks - Fire is less deadly to builds and environment.

Lenient Deaths - Players don't drop food or tools on death.

Natural Charged Creepers - Naturally spawning charged creepers,

Right Click Farming - Harvest full-grown crops by right clicking.

Set Anything on your Head - Wear any item or block on your head slot!

Secure Crops - Crops can no longer be trampled.
Zombie-proof Doors
- Zombies no longer target or break doors.