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Lets get you the answers you need!

Why can't I connect?
Double check your client type.
A specific modpack may be required to play.


Do I need a modpack to play?
Only on our modded servers.
Vanilla servers do not require mods.
Yes, you may use clients/QOL mods!
Use this CurseForge lin
k to download our modpacks.

Where is the server located?
We have servers hosted all over the world!
Patrons can choose the "home" of their server.
Our ads have a tag [USA], [UK], [AUS] for locations.

Why so professional?
Quality lasts a long time!
We also support other small businesses!

How can I support MyZia?
​Other than supporting us on Patreon,
you can spread the word about us!
Invite your friends!

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