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Resource Packs

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Painting Pack
Jam's Edition

The Painting Pack is a resource pack that changes Minecraft's paintings.


Over 3.5k Downloads!

Zia Shaders
"Fabulous Graphics"

Add a slight shade to your world utilizing Minecraft's "Fabulous" graphics setting.

Painting Pack
Patreon Edition

Your ideas, put into a painting pack!
By Patrons!

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Houses, Huts and Bases too!

Built by different members of our community.

The Carpenter's House

Built one piece at a time, the idea of home has stretched and changed; leaving uniquely beautiful architecture behind.

By LimpLizard

tommotoms Potion Shop

Come sit at the bar and order a
nice potion before your next
big adventure.

By tommotom



Crafting Table House

Never lose your crafting table!
This angular home has a
small bedroom, as well as a
decent sized storage room
and extra space to the attic
and an optional basement.

By LimpLizard


Beach House

Relax away from the city with your villager friend.
This spot is right next to the beach. What's not to love?

By JamZia & tommotom


Jam's Cabin

Its a small cozy cabin with some small details and a full interior too!
Enjoy the map, and visit my pets!

By JamZia


Mossy Cottage

Warm up in this mossy cottage.

It will keep you warm, while you snuggle with your pixel pets.

By Penore


Flower Home

Run into your Flower Home after a stressful day of fighting off mobs.

By Frawgies


Little House

It's always there for you after your mining trips.
Its the cutest little house you'll find around, and your friends will be envious of the detail.

By JamZia


Zia Temple

Over 35,000 stone bricks went into this temple.
Built in the heart of the jungle, this pyramid was discovered to be the largest ever made on Zia.
Many sacrifices were made at the top of the pyramid..

By JamZia


The Ender

The Ender is an enderman farm.
It has one functional spawn platform.
It features a lever for throwing away spare ender pearls too.

By JamZia & Penore


Fishermans Boat

Loaded by shore, this fishermans boat has been deemed not sea worthy..
However, you will still find the weathered fisherman finding his way.

By JamZia