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 Your Favorite Network 

Why us?

 Gameplay Variation 

We offer unique gameplay in the form of servers. Our network is formed of servers that you can connect to using modded and vanilla clients. 

 Loving Community 

Members of our welcoming community love to say hi to newcomers! Come pop by, even if it's just to lurk.
You can participate in giveaways and more while talking to others with the same interests!


All MyZia members love Minecraft! It's the love for the game that keeps us going! (And supporters!)
Come find out what it's like to enjoy the game again in ways you have never thought possible...


How do I Play?

Modded servers require
this modpack to play.

Vanilla servers can be connected to with the latest Minecraft release!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Your question may also be on our FAQ page.

Here for more?

 Player Skins 

We support artists from many communities!
Zia themed skins and
high quality skins alike.

 Resource Packs 

These resource packs are small addon packs designed to fit with any game version. We recommend mixing them with other resource packs!


Specialized mods and modpacks have been created for people to enjoy. You may even see your own idea pop up!
What do you want to see?


Fluid Modpack for MyZia Servers

Lilypad is a modpack used for some MyZia servers.
You can use this pack to play on the server of your liking without having to modifiy your original game.

We've made it easy for anyone to play Modded Minecraft.

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